Sex Therapy in Toronto

Do you have problems or concerns about sexual desire, arousal, orgasm or the quality of sex? Do you want help to improve sex with your partner or for solo sex? Our approach to sex therapy is practical, short-term, and goal-focused.

Patient ratings confirm that our 30 psychologists and psychotherapists are effective for issues surrounding sex and other difficulties. Sex therapy at our Clinic does not involve any nudity and any exercises we suggest will respect your religious and moral principles.


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About The Mindfulness Clinic

We make it easy for you to get the help that you need and you can trust that the help we provide is effective. It’s easy because our Intake Advisors will make sure that you get matched up with a therapist who will be right for you.

How Effective Are We?

In Canada, often fewer than 4 out of 10 people who see a therapist fully recover or significantly improve. At The Mindfulness Clinic 8 in 10 of our clients fully recover or significantly improve.

How Do We Know?

Ratings from more than 15,000 patients and over 90,000 therapy sessions confirm it.

How Are We So Effective?

We track your progress every session so if your therapy gets off track we can catch it and fix it. We will not waste your time, energy, or money.

Covered by Most Insurance Plans

We are covered by most insurance plans. Still have questions? Call us today.

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We provide remote therapy, both online video and phone.
As effective as in-person sessions and more convenient.